Thanks to everyone who made the 2015 East Coast Dutch Oven Gathering a success. Special thanks goes out to John Smucker and his staff from the Bird-in-Hand Corporation who provided the venue, bricks for the fire pit, propane for the hot water in the kitchen and the dump station for those who dry camped. We’d also like to thank the Bird-in-Hand Volunteer Fire Department who provided the kitchen for us to clean our stuff. Special recognition goes out to Cabela’s who supplied the prizes for the 1-pot cook-off.

Special kudos go out to Randy Brown, Mike Long, Mike Whitenight, and Peter Langston who organized the event.

As expected, all of the dishes that were prepared were exceptionally good. Well, all except maybe for ‘ol Splatterdab’s biscuits. It seems that the coals were so hot that when he lifted the lid on the pot the biscuits were on fire. We considered calling the volunteer fire department but the smoking biscuits were so entertaining that we just let them go.

So, we are already planning for the 2016 East Coast DOG. Stay tuned as we move towards the new year and prepare not only for the East Coast DOG but all of the other DOG’s that will make 2016 special.

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